You probably don’t know how I am not now.

The wind keeps running at the opposite direction.

Even if you come back one day, the universe in this place will be never as you think it is/was.

Keep running.
From here your back looks like an ant.

Weak. Breakable. Disgusting.

With my fingers leaned on the orange skyline I’m going to crush you.

You are
not there anymore.



C. 28/12/12


Diez minutos


Diez minutos (do not) para decir todo lo que no podríamos (leave us) estar mejor que ahora porque cayó del cielo nada que nos pudiera ayudar contaminando el mar de odio y polvo se acumulan en mi escritorio desdiciendo el morbo te transluces estéticamente donde caes levantas un basural seguro que Kim Jong-un teme la desesperación (scream out, baby) del superespacio colateral que nos destruye como si una vaca sólidamente le hablara al perro todos los días por teléfono (do not go, baby) no nos dejes no ya no descascarando la escuálida casualidad concomitante a tu indiferencia let’s convey those feelings you did not- que la conveniencia de quedarse

que-dar     se

q-     ued-    ars e.

que-da-rrrr  se-se-se-

El humo de cigarro no está de todos modos me quedo y te espero.


To convey the things that couldn’t be heard 15/4/13

Two steps ahead

Paris is not here

I’m well aware of it

(That you always are…)

And it’s funny that
when I’m learning how to run
You are already
going to
the opposite direction (so fast).

It’s like
you’ve been unreachable from
every single (damn) angle
since forever

I don’t even walk anymore.
There’s no point.

Even if I try
You will always be
two steps ahead of me

You’ve always been like this
(I’m well aware of that)

However, why does it still feel so
Can you tell?, omitting the part where
You are not even listening now.

You have always been like this.
Kinda unfair, isn’t it?


A pathless path with you 4/4/2013