See you not

“Have ye your heart yet hardened? Having eyes, see ye not?  and having ears, hear ye not? Do ye not remember?”

[They didn’t, they were blind and lost.
And so they answered.

‘There is
nowhere else
to go’
They said
(they always said that kind of things).

‘Shall ye grab our souls and hands despite all of

They wondered in silence
And it was dark,
and it was cold
and they cried a little

C – Oct 16 / ’12

State of (not) being (again)

My eardrums ring in the trembling air
I was Standing in that road
side by side with you
when a Flashing Light exploded

and before I realised it
you were gone.
Extra terrestrial Biological Entities – EGOIST

I need to stop looking for you.


You are not going to be there.

Under the table

Beneath the sky

Deep down the sea

You’re not going to be anywhere

Even if I scream your name

Even if I make a call to the sempiternal of this rotten world

You’re just like the dust that I couldn’t catch within the wind

A distant place out of my reach

The healed sore in my barefoot at the time I ran and ran and ran

Through planets and systems

To you

Looking for you

Utterly blinded

Utterly lost

And it’s kind of sad

And it’s fine

I always knew that

It’s like something you know from

Previous lifes


you are


Going to be there

Under my skin

Inside my head



So I’m going to run for the last time

Through planets and systems

Looking desperately for you

And knowing the futility of the effort beforehand

I’m going laugh and cry and scream as  mad

all at

the same time

To me,

who is completely aware of its state of being

And lost

So sadly lost.

And finally

To you,

who is in nowhere to be found.

(I will stop looking for you).

C – 8/Oct/2012